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Become a Smile Ambassador 


You can help reconnect humans!

Print the "invitation" template below and just ask someone to share a smile with you

Hand them the "Share a Smile" invitation as the first step.  Tell them why you feel this is important.

Then, if they agree, lower your mask and smile. Hopfully they will do the same. 

pexels-kat-jayne-736842 copy 2.jpg

It's that simple. 

If we can lower our masks for a moment to take a sip of water or a bite of a sandwich, we certainly can lower our masks to feed our souls with smiles. 

Whether you are a believer in the efficacy of masks or a non-believer, we can all agree that connecting, kindness and smiling at each other is the best medicine.

Click and download your printable invitation template here!



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