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Are Masks Coming Back???

2023 update........
Say "NO MORE!" to the harm of masking adults and children! Watch 2 min video below.
(NOTE: don't click the arrow, click top right to play)

Humans need connection.

We need kindness.

We need each other.
We become lonely quickly.
Just smile.

 Faces matter!

The emotional and physiological benefits of smiles are:  

1. Elevates our mood
2. Reduces stress

3. Boosts the immune system
4. Lowers blood pressure
5. Connects our heart to others and
6. Smiles are contagious!

 It only takes a second.

 Lower your mask for 

 a moment 

 and smile!

 Take a "smile breather." 

 Become a Smile Ambassador
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What are the physical and emotional effects of masks?

Children have the most to lose in the masking of faces for heathly development and overall wellbeing.
Read more.
Social isolation, loneliness, depression and suicide has all been on the increase in adults. 
Read more.
Headaches, poor attention span, fatigue, bacterial infections are among the worrisome effects of prolonged mask usage. 
Read more.
Billions of masks have been discharged into our oceans risking marine life and worsening microplastics.
Read more.

Studies have shown a modest to zero effect on viral transmission.  

Read the science.

Is Breathing CO2 Over Long Periods Harmful?

Carbon dioxide levels (CO2) build up quickly behind a mask to levels that have been shown to cause adverse effects, even

severe metabolic disturbances.

Read more here.

What can we do?

What are the alternatives to our
present course? 
Can we be healthy and safe without masks and social distancing?

Read more.


Mask wearing has become a contentious and divisive issue. No matter what side of the mask argument you are on, we can all agree that we are human - and this isn't "normal."


So lets take a refreshing "smile breather" and find our humanity again, together, for a moment.


Become a 

Smile Ambassador

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find out more

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